Introducing the BĒRBASE Coaster

Your new favorite companion for safeguarding surfaces in style, perfect for a cold drink in the morning or afternoon.

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  • Green Future, Responsible Design

    Made with durable materials, embodying our commitment to a sustainable, green future.

  • Eco-Conscious and Enduring

    Crafted with the planet in mind, our designs ensure lasting protection and style.

  • Elegant and Seamless Blend

    Whether it's for your abode or workplace, it seamlessly blends, becoming an essential addition

Chill Out Longer

Keep your drinks ice-cold to the last sip! It features innovative freezing gel technology, ideal for any cold beverage. This coaster delivers a consistently cool experience.

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"My partner and I are blessed to have three beautiful children. We asked each one to pick a charity to support."

Nick Woods - ITWBC

3 kids + 3 charities + 3%